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What does a bank heist, a brewery, and three highschoolers have in common?

Set in modern-day Winnipeg, Cousins Brooke and Dee McKenzie follow in their famous father’s footsteps as they uncover the truth about the most famous brewer in all of Canada; Jacques Lagrende, owner of Lagrende Green.

Holly Elsinore, an aspiring news reporter, wants the McKenzie's help as she tries to get an article published in the local paper. She offers to pay the cousins $530 and a passport to the States, as long as they succeed in getting her a good story. They agree to write it on the two robberies, the Royal Bank of Canada in Quebec, and Lagrenade's Brewery. Each heist had $2 million stolen.

However, after leaving the bar, Dee is kiddnapped by a masked driver. Brooke and Holly pursue the car by using a tracking system found in Dee's toque. They follow her to the outskirts of town, to Lagrenade's brewery. Dee is taken inside and questioned on the details of the money that was stolen from his facility. After claiming that she doesn't know anything, Lagrenade has one of his assistants lock her up.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Holly are outside in the snowdrifts, trying to find a way inside. Holly soon disapears into the darkness, and Brooke is left alone, fearing for her life. A hand is clapped over her mouth, and she is dragged inside.

Lagrenade once again begins accusing her of the robbery. Brooke protests, swearing that she knows nothing, and claims that she was sleeping during the whole thing. Lagrenade then locks her up in the same closet as her cousin, and activates a self-destruct sequence that will blow up half of the brewery. The McKenzies discover that they actually aren't locked in, and open the door. As they try to find the exit, Dee confesses that she knows more than she should. She overheard a conversation the week before, about Lagrenade robbing the RBC. Dee couldn't tell the police though because she needed evidence.

They are confronted by Lagrenade one final time. Holly sneaks up behind Lagrenade to attack, but he throws her into the wall, knocking her unconcious. The computer voice counts down to zero, and nothing happens. Insted, Lagrenade goes into a fit of laughter, claiming that he'd never actually blow up his own brewery. However, Dee pulls out a bottle of Lagrenade Green from her coat, and throws it at him. It blows up, and Lagrenade is thrown back, along with his two assistants.

The McKenzies quietly escape to their car. Soon police come and help Holly to her feet, while arresting Lagrenade. Holly starts typing her article. The stolen money is returned to the bank. Brooke and Dee get their passports, and Holly publishes her article. The thief is revealed to be Dee, and she and Brooke drive to The United States.

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